Pieces of Time Flower Objet d’Art


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MoMA Exclusive: Display flowers at the height of their finest blooms year round inside the Pieces of Time Objet d’Art from Korean Studio Style Jieum. Captured at their peak, the flowers are encased in domes of hand-blown glass and filled with preservation fluid. When viewed through sunlight, the object seems to contain a calm forest of plants that feels like a real landscape. Each Pieces of Time Objet d’Art is handmade by specialists in floral design, and is perfect as a stand-alone sculpture.

Choose from three styles of Piece of Time Flower Objet d’Art:

  • Yellow Jeju: Inspired by springtime on the Korean island of Jeju, this object features combinations of forest green and grapeseed yellow. This objet contains baby’s breath, stoebe, billy button and hydrangea. 
  • Purple Lavender: Study the dark purple hue of lavender sprigs, contrasted with light purple hydrangea blossoms. 
  • Green Summer Berry: Return to a countryside you once frequented in the complementary green and pink colors of summer berry. This objet contains pepper and heavenly bamboo.
  • Each measures 2.8w x 5.1”h.

Like their namesakes, each Piece of Time is unique in that its flower arrangement and color will vary and its handcrafted glass may contain small bubbles that are a natural part of the creation process. To care for your objet d’art, avoid placing in direct sunlight or heated spots. Do not open the silicone stopper. Products that contain flowers can stain the oil with pollen over time.


Soojeong Shin & Jiseon Park

6h x 3.25" diam

Preserved/Dry Flower, Glass, Silicon cap, Herbarium Oil
Yellow Jeju: Baby Breath, Stoebe, Billy Button, Hydrangea
Purple Lavender: Lavender, Hydrangea
Summer Berry: Pepper, Heavenly Bamboo

Year of Design

Korea (South)