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  1. available in 2 colors

    Small Night Light - Miffy Boris Lion
     As low as HK$268.00
  2. available in 2 colors

    HAY Neon LED Tube Light
     As low as HK$499.00
  3. available in 2 colors

    Allocacoc Lightstrip Touch Lamp
     As low as HK$548.00
  4. available in 3 colors

    HAY PC Portable Lamp
     As low as HK$559.00
  5. available in 3 colors

    Lexon Mina M LED Light
     As low as HK$498.00
  6. The Really Tiny Book Light
    Regular Price HK$128.00 Special Price HK$51.20
  7. Lucellino NT
    Regular Price HK$5,680.00 Special Price HK$4,544.00
  8. Koyoo
    Regular Price HK$2,380.00 Special Price HK$1,904.00
  9. I Ricchi Poveri - Monument for a Bulb
    Regular Price HK$7,680.00 Special Price HK$6,144.00
  10. IC Table Lamp
  11. available in 2 colors

    Solid Table Light
     Regular Price HK$2,288.00 As low as HK$1,830.40
  12. available in 3 colors

    URI Portable Table Lamp
     As low as HK$398.00
  13. available in 3 colors

    HAY Turn On Table Light
     As low as HK$999.00
  14. Olafur Eliasson And Frederik Ottesen: Little Sun Solar Light
    Regular Price HK$218.00 Special Price HK$152.00
  15. X-Large Customizable Light Box
    Regular Price HK$658.00 Special Price HK$329.00
  16. Folding Task Lamp
    Regular Price HK$598.00 Special Price HK$358.80
  17. available in 2 colors

    LED Lantern Speaker
     As low as HK$968.00
  18. available in 2 colors

    HAY PC Portable Lamps
     As low as HK$559.00
  19. available in 3 colors

    Octagon Portable Desk Light
     As low as HK$668.00
  20. available in 5 colors

    Lumio Book Lamp
     As low as HK$1,748.00
  21. available in 3 colors

    Heng Balance Lamp
     As low as HK$158.00
  22. available in 3 colors

    Mini Lumio+
     As low as HK$1,458.00

1-40 of 42 Items

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