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  1. available in 2 colors

    Remy Pan Plus with Lid
     As low as HK$928.00
  2. Airinum Reflective Urban Air Mask
     As low as HK$788.00
  3. available in 2 colors

    Color Accent Champagne Glasses Set
     As low as HK$168.00
  4. Remy Ladle
  5. Activity Hound
    Regular Price HK$718.00 Special Price HK$502.60
  6. available in 2 colors

    Caffettiera French Press
     As low as HK$288.00
  7. Raymond Pettibon Skateboard
    Regular Price HK$2,980.00 Special Price HK$2,086.00
  8. Raymond Pettibon Skateboard Triptych
    Regular Price HK$6,380.00 Special Price HK$4,466.00
  9. available in 8 colors

    Artist Quote Totes
     As low as HK$98.00
  10. Albert Clock
  11. available in 2 colors

    Reversible Glass Vase
     As low as HK$268.00
  12. available in 3 colors

    URI Portable Table Lamp
     As low as HK$398.00
  13. available in 4 colors

    Kids’ MoMA NY Yankees Cap
     As low as HK$268.00
  14. available in 3 colors

    Kids’ MoMA Champion Hoodie
     As low as HK$388.00
  15. available in 3 colors

    Mini Folding Stool
     As low as HK$268.00
  16. available in 3 colors

    Visible Marker Thanks Object by Allan Mccollum
     Regular Price HK$398.00 As low as HK$199.00
  17. Palorosa Basket Tote Bags
    Regular Price HK$1,148.00 Special Price HK$574.00
  18. Tulip Objet d'Art
    Regular Price HK$3,308.00 Special Price HK$2,316.00
  19. La Pita Game
    Regular Price HK$738.00 Special Price HK$442.80
  20. NYC Skyline Block
    Regular Price HK$338.00 Special Price HK$236.60
  21. available in 4 colors

    Sushi Sauce Bowls & Chopstick Rests
     Regular Price HK$98.00 As low as HK$69.00
  22. Nomade Chopsticks & Rests
    Regular Price HK$248.00 Special Price HK$124.00

1-40 of 44 Items

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