Nexus 2.0 Dual Line Kite


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Big enough for real-kite performance yet small enough to pack in a suitcase, the Nexus 2.0 is a thrilling introduction to sport kiting that will reel in adventurers. Simple and rugged, the Nexus flies with the ease and control of a larger kite thanks to its composite carbon/glass frame for instant response and great light-wind performance.

Shaped like a small, brightly colored pterodactyl, the Nexus 2.0 Kite has a three-point turbo bridle for easy adjustment in a wide range of winds, and its solid carbon spars are incredibly tough but light, ensuring the kite can survive unplanned landings yet still fly easily in a range of winds.

Speedier and sportier than a full-size kite, the Nexus is the perfect size to get you started on a range of stunts and introduce you to the world of trick flying. Constructed for winds from 4 to 22 mph, the Nexus 2.0 Kite includes 65’ of 90lb, low-stretch Dyneema flying line. It has a 64” wing span and measures 30h × 4w × 4”d when packaged in its handy travel sleeve (included). The sleeve itself can be rolled up to a tiny shape and clipped onto your belt loop or bag while the Nexus 2.0 is flying. Ages 14+.

Founded by a pair of designers, sailors, and aviators who just wanted to have fun, Prism Kites has been teaching the world that kites aren’t just for kids since 1992.


Mark A. Reed

64” wing span
Packaged: 30hl × 4w × 4”d

Ripstop Nylon, Mylar, Pultruded Carbon, Fiberglass, and Dyneema

Year of Design