Motion Sensor Rechargeable LED Light


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Featuring three levels of brightness, the Motion Sensor Light is a rechargeable LED light stick that attaches to a surface in your room. When movement is detected, the light switches on and turns off automatically after 20 seconds. Each charge via the included USB-C cable provides two to three hours of light. The Motion Sensor Rechargeable LED Light can also be detached from surfaces and used as a flashlight. Measures 11.8h x 1.2w x 1"d.

To use the Motion Sensor Rechargeable LED Light:

  • First, select your desired location. 
  • The light will attach magnetically to metal surfaces; if you prefer to use it elsewhere, place one of the included adhesive magnets to a non-metal area, such as a wooden bed drawer or closet wall. 
  • Attach the lamp by making sure that the two magnets (the one on the lamp and the one on the wall) correspond. 
  • Press the button once to change brightness levels in LED light mode and press once again to turn it off. 
  • Press the button for a few seconds to switch the light from cold to warm white. In this mode, the motion sensor starts working with low light and will turn off automatically after 20 seconds.
  • Before first use, ensure that the lithium battery is fully charged by plugging the light in with the included USB-C cable (input DC5V/1A) for two to three hours. (The white LED indicator will light up while the design is being charged, and turn off when the design is fully charged.)
  • Details
    Ten Lab

    11.8h x 1.2w x 1"d

    ABS and Polycarbonate Plastic

    Year of Design