Modern Sprout Hydroponic Plant Kit


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Everyone appreciates fresh, homegrown herbs—even busy people with no yards. All you need is water and a narrow windowsill with sunlight to create an indoor garden with the Modern Sprout Hydroponic Plant Kit, designed to deliver fast-growing herbs in the smallest footprint possible. Its passive hydroponic system uses a method called wicking to bring water and nutrients up from the reservoir to the plant’s roots. (You won’t need to water it until the reservoir empties, which usually takes weeks. See the included structions for details.) 

The Modern Sprout Hydroponic Plant Kit  consists of a handsome semi-opaque glass tumbler with a stainless steel net pot, water reservoir and reusable wick inside. Just add in the included non-GMO seeds and the soilless growing medium made of recycled glass, and you’ll have fresh homegrown herbs sprouting in one or two weeks—and ready to harvest in three to six more. For optimum performance, be sure that your herbs get at least four to six hours of direct light daily, or supplement with your own grow light.

Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr

Plant Pot Size: 6.75h x 4"diam.

Opaque Glass Vessel, Organic and non-GMO Seeds, Plant Food, Stainless Steel Net Pot, Grow Medium, Carbon and Polypropylene Wick

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