Actually Curious Playing Cards


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Here’s a fun way to establish empathy with new and old friends. The Actually Curious Playing Cards game encourages players to explore questions around backgrounds, values and views on issues such as diversity, the environment and mental health. Each of the 52 cards in the deck is printed with a question or instruction to get you and your friends talking.

Features of the Actually Curious Playing Cards include:

  • The game has four levels, starting with blue questions and working its way up to the most vulnerable pink questions.
  • The design of the cards is inspired by the tarot, with a more contemporary look and feel.
  • The Curiosity Edition encourages players to aks questions about each other’s backgrounds, values and view. 
  • The Human Rights Edition sparks conversations around diversity and inclusion, LGBTQ+ and women’s rights and more.
  • The Happy Hour Edition features questions that explore dreams, ambitions and cherished memories.
  • Box measures 3.6h x 2.65w x 0.65"d.
  • Details
    Michael Tennant, Caroline Bel-Kher and Maria Quevedo

    Box: 3.6h x 2.65w x 0.65"d


    Year of Design
    2018 and 2020

    Hong Kong, SAR China