MOB Animal Portable Powerbank


 As low as HK$0.00


Power Pets, an original way to recharge your smartphones: Embrace this portable battery backup with an original design capable of recharging your mobile phone twice over with its 4800 mAh power. This 2A model is fast as a cheetah

Compact size, ideal for travel: Take this power bank with you wherever you go thanks to its small size and light weight.

A unique and fun item to attach to your phone and recharge it: With its extended shape and its 4 suction cups as legs, the Power Pet clings to your smartphone so that it never lets go and recharges it it without getting in the way.

An external battery that also acts as a smartphone holder: The suction cups allow you to hold your phone in a horizontal or vertical position, as you wish, so you can easily watch videos or scroll your screen.