Wynd Plus Personal Air Purifier


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The Wynd Plus Personal Air Purifier is a portable 2-in-1 air quality sensor and purifier. It pairs with the Wynd app (iOS & Android) to monitor and automatically clean the air in your personal space. With turbine engineering adapted from the aerospace industry and a silver-embedded medical-grade filter, it removes 99.9% of particulates like allergens, smoke, dust, mold and germs.
The sensor is removable, wearable, and it sends hyper localized air quality data to the Wynd app in real time. The app shows you live sensor readings, a history of your air quality, and outdoor air quality from your nearest air monitoring station, so you can make informed decisions. The Wynd Plus weighs less than a pound and fits in most bottle holders, so it can easily be carried with you wherever you go-to the office, or in your car. The rechargeable battery provides eight hours of use per charge with USB-C cable power adapter (included).
Features of the Wynd Plus Personal Air Purifier include:
  • Medical-grade filter
  • Removes 99.9% of particles like allergens, smoke, dust, germs and mold
  • Creates a 3 foot bubble of clean air but can clean up to 100 sq. feet
  • Portable - weighs less than 1 lb. and fits in most bottle holders
  • iOS and Android-compatible
  • Rechargeable battery provides eight hours of use per charge.

Why We Chose This

The innovative technology of this air purifier was developed by Wynd’s engineering lead Eric Munoz, a former aerospace engineer. Having previously worked on the design of jet and rocket turbine blades, Munoz used his airflow expertise to craft Wynd’s patent-pending fluid dynamics. The design includes a low-turbulence, high-airflow system that keeps the device small while enabling it to quietly clean a high volume of air.

Mike Nuttall

6.7h x 3.3" diam.

Plastic and electronic Components

Year of Design