Oeno Barware Barware Set


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Here’s a beautiful way for oenophiles to enjoy their favorite wines. This Oeno Barware Set from L’Atelier du Vin—a French family business founded in 1926—has all the tools you need for opening, pouring and preserving wine, including sparkling wine.

Oeno Barware Set includes:

  • 1 Soft Machine Crystal Opener This steel and chrome tool extracts corks in one fluid, continuous, movement. 0.4h x 4.7w x 1.2"d
  • 1 Cork Opener A safe and easy way to remove all types of Champagne and sparkling wine bottles, this tool is made from chromed metal. Measures 2h x 3w x 8"d.
  • 1 Pourer-Leaf Oxygenate your wine with this stainless steel and silicone open pourer that attaches to the bottle’s neck. The widening of the leaf gently stimulates wine aromas, while the flow is easily controlled. Aromas are delicately revealed as you keep your table free of spills. Measures 0.5h x 1w x 2"d.
  • 1 Metal Gard’Bulles Stopper Keep your Champagnes and sparkling wines bubbly with this effective and discreet stainless steel and silicone stopper. Measures 4l x 2"diam.
  • The Oeno Barware set measures 4.5h x 16.3w x 10.6"d.
Soft Machine Crystal:0.4h x 4.7w x 1.2"d
Cork Opener:2h x 3w x 8"d
Leaf Pourer:0.5h x 1w x 2"d
Gard’Bulles:4l x 2"diam.
Box:4.5h x 16.3w x 10.6"d

Soft Machine Crystal: Steel, Chrome Alloy, Polycarbonate. Cork Opener:Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy. 1 Leaf Pourer:Silicone, Steel. Gard’Bulles Stopper:Silicone, Steel

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