Nura Smart Headphones


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These innovative headphones combine the best of earbud and over-ear designs with smart sound personalization to deliver a listening experience tailored to your individual hearing. Just as each of us has unique fingerprints and taste in music, we all hear a little differently. The first headphones to learn and adapt to individual hearing profiles, Nura uses the science of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs)—imperceptible sounds produced by your ear’s cochlea. In about 60 seconds of initial setup, Nura measures your OAEs with an extremely sensitive microphone (the same kind used by NASA for the Mars 2020 mission) and translates the results into a one-of-a-kind audio map. Then, it adapts your music to your personal profile—as if the songs were custom-made just for you. This incredible audio experience is delivered by a groundbreaking design: In-ear phones deliver mid- and high frequency sound with impeccable clarity while over-ear cups deliver deep, immersive bass you can feel through your skin. Use the companion app to adjust the sound from back-of-the-room to front row experiences.

Engineered for convenience and comfort as well as amazing sound, Nura Headphones also feature:

• A music-activated cooling system that utilizes the speaker’s movement and Tesla valves to keep your ears cool and comfortable even with hours of listening.
• USB-chargeable wireless (Bluetooth) or wired connectivity.
• Dual-layer sound isolation that keeps your music in and outside sounds out.
• Tough stainless steel and aluminum construction with biocompatible silicone for comfort.
• A magnetic-locking protective hard case.
• iOS and Android compatible
• Rechargeable by USB-A charging cable (included).

Lorenzo Pavesi and Jonathan Yap

7.4h x 6.4w x 3.4"d

Stainless Steel, Silicone, Aluminium

Year of Design