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  1. available in 2 colors

    HAY Sobremesa Serving Bowl
     As low as HK$358.00
  2. available in 2 colors

    Light My Fire Salt & Pepper Plus BIO
     Regular Price HK$128.00 As low as HK$76.80
  3. available in 2 colors

    Caffettiera French Press
     As low as HK$288.00
  4. Butter Easy
    Regular Price HK$58.00 Special Price HK$40.60
  5. Etch The Clipper Poly
    Regular Price HK$218.00 Special Price HK$152.60
  6. Striped Enamel Blue Jars
     Regular Price HK$328.00 As low as HK$196.80
  7. available in 2 colors

    Striped Enamel Bowl
     Regular Price HK$248.00 As low as HK$200.00
  8. available in 4 colors

    LARQ Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle
     As low as HK$898.00
  9. available in 1 colors

    Iris Wire Baskets
     As low as HK$328.00
  10. Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Plate
    Regular Price HK$1,180.00 Special Price HK$708.00
  11. available in 1 colors

    La Maison Inondée Bowl
     As low as HK$218.00
  12. Basquiat Tray
    Regular Price HK$1,198.00 Special Price HK$838.60
  13. Tea Infuser
    Regular Price HK$158.00 Special Price HK$100.00
  14. MoMA Skyline Tea Towel
    Regular Price HK$218.00 Special Price HK$87.20
  15. MoMA Skyline Coasters - Set of 4
    Regular Price HK$178.00 Special Price HK$71.20
  16. MoMA Skyline Mug
    Regular Price HK$138.00 Special Price HK$96.60

1-40 of 49 Items

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Set Descending Direction