Dusen Dusen for MoMA Subu Slippers


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MoMA Exclusive: A best-selling design, Subu Slippers—which are like a warm down jacket for your feet—have been reimagined by designer Ellen Van Dusen, of the brand Dusen Dusen, for MoMA. These new versions of the “winter sandals” feature Van Dusen’s signature prints in bold color-and-pattern combinations, plus the MoMA logo. (Three signature prints, each sold separately.) Each pair comes in a matching dust bag made from the same fabric which can double as a small tote bag, useful for everyday essentials or carrying your lunch to the office.

The Dusen Dusen for MoMA Subu Slippers can be worn inside for lounging and also outside for quick dog walks and trips to the mailbox or your corner store. They’re both stylish and functional, featuring soft-cushioned insoles filled with polyester down for warmth, making them ideal for winter. Subu Slippers have durable soles and the outer nylon shell is stain- and water-resistant, thanks to a special Teflon coating, so you can brave snowy or rainy days during those quick jaunts. The coating also repels oil-based liquids. Fun fact: Subu is a shortened version of the Japanese expression “sutto haku butsu,” which means slip-on shoes or shoes you can put on in the blink of an eye. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Ellen Van Dusen

Medium - Mens Size 6.5-7.5 / Womens Size 8-9

Nylon, polyester, synthetic rubber