Classic Lawn Chair


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MoMA Exclusive: From 4th of July fireworks to well-appointed campsites, the aluminum frame folding chair is an all-American classic. This Classic Lawn Chair is an upgraded version of a retro favorite, made in the USA. The handwoven design is made in small batches with care at a family-run workshop. The Classic Lawn Chair defines timeless outdoor seating with its lightweight, folding aluminum frame and colorful, woven polypropylene seat. At just 4.2 pounds, it’s a breeze to carry wherever you want some nostalgic seating. Measures 21.5h x 18.5w x 16.5"d when open. The Classic Lawn Chair has a weight capacity of 225 lbs.

Why We Chose This

The history of the classic, foldable webbed lawn chair dates back to the post-World War II era. During the war, there was a boom in the production of aluminum that was used in the structural framing of aircraft. After the war, manufacturers sought other uses for the strong, lightweight material and one of the resultant designs was the classic aluminum-framed, folding lawn chair. The minimalist design was also informed by the stripped-down functionalist designs of the early modern period. The affordability and usefulness of the design made the chairs an omnipresent household staple by mid-century. Over the years, many copies have been made and quality has waned leading Mark and Gary Pokrandt to set up manufacturing based on the original methods in the tiny town of Walthourville, Georgia, outside of Savannah, reviving a classic with its integrity intact.

Open:21.5h x 18.5w x 16.5"d
Seat Height:15.5"h

Aluminum, Polypropylene

Year of Design