Embr Wave Temperature-Control Bracelet


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A subway platform in summer. An under-heated office in winter. Ever wish you could control your personal temperature, no matter where you are? Now you can, with the Embr Wave Temperature-Control Bracelet. This scientific breakthrough in wearable technology is the first tech accessory that improves comfort through dynamic heating and cooling. Just put this adjustable stainless-steel and ceramic design around your wrist and start controlling your personal temperature by touching the illuminated bar: tap blue to feel cooler, red to feel warmer. The Embr Wave Temperature-Control Bracelet precisely cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist. It triggers a natural response in your body and mind, so you can feel 5°F cooler or warmer overall. For more precise control, pair your Embr Wave with the mobile app via Bluetooth so you can easily switch between modes, visualize the cooling and warming waves in real time and more. Face measures 2 x 1.5”; strap is .87” wide. Features of the Embr Wave Temperature-Control Bracelet: Embr Wave uses precisely engineered algorithms to maximize the effectiveness of its thermal sensations NASA-grade hardware Control your skin temperature with just a touch of the color-illuminated bar Warms or cools your body by 5°F Control manually or with the Embr Wave app Perfect for commuting, over-heated or over-air-conditioned offices, airplanes and more Adjustable stainless-steel wrist band Lithium battery charges via USB: one full charge lasts 2 to 3 days, or 40 to 50 3-minute quick mode sessions

Strap: 8.25l x .87"w
Case: .5h x 2l x 1.5"w

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Alminum Oxide, Polycarbonate

Year of Design