Veritable® Smart Indoor Garden




Designed for people who love to cook, the Smart Indoor Garden allows you to effortlessly grow herbs, edible flowers and even small vegetables in your home, all year round. The Smart Indoor Garden provides optimum space for your plants to grow under the best conditions. The planter’s small footprint provides a substantial amount of plant production (you can grow four different types of plants simultaneously) delivering both quality and quantity. The planter’s lamps use Véritable® high-end LED technology that provide a color spectrum adapted to edible plants. Its specific color and performance ensure quick growth and help to develop the taste of your plants. The light is automatically controlled: External light is not needed, however if the planter is in a room with natural light, the LED lamps can be set to automatically adjust the brightness based on the amount of ambient light.

The water reservoir allows three-week irrigation autonomy. The LED light alarm will indicate with a soft pulse when it’s time to add water.

It is very easy to use: plug in, fill the reservoir with water, insert the Lingots® (organic seeds and soil), and let the planter do the work. Plants are ready to be tasted in four weeks and each Lingot® guarantees regular harvest from four to six months. The kit includes four Lingots®: sweet basil, curly parsley, chives and cherry tomatoes. Made in France.

The EXKY mini version with an 8" square footprint is made for smaller apartments. The Veritable® EXKY Smart Garden has a 35 oz water reservoir that enables it to go up to three weeks watering itself automatically, and silently, thanks to its passive hydroponic technology. It also has a blinking water-level alarm that will keep you from over-watering. The Veritable® Smart Garden includes two each of Basil and Parsley Lingots®. The baskets that hold the Lingots® are dishwasher safe.

Why We Chose This

Crowd-funded via Kickstarter, the Veritable® is different from other smart indoor gardens on the market because each Lingot® (a composition of organic seeds, organic soil and nutrients) produces a harvest of edible plants for a longer period of time, four to six months. The Veritable® is fool-proof even for people who don't have green thumbs: Everything has been thought out for you to easily and cleanly grow edible plants at home in a small space.

Chloé Verneuil

17.7h x 13w x 7.3"d

ABS Plastic, Electronics

Year of Design