ORII Voice Assistant Ring


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Instantly send messages, make calls and use your voice assistant with ORII, the world’s first voice-powered ring. Just touch your ear to utilize ORII’s bone-conductivity audio technology, which also frees you from the distraction of screens. The ORII Ring presents new ways for you to interact with your digital assistant: with gestures, voice and buttons, you can intuitively control your device screen-free. This innovative wearable technology includes 10 interchangeable ring sizes.
Features of the ORII Voice Assistant Ring include:
  • Reduces your screen time: Instead of constantly checking your phone, ORII alerts you to incoming calls and messages. Send and listen to messages, take and make quick calls using voice assistant and ORII’s bone-conductivity technology, while your phone stays in your pocket.
  • ORII is compatible with Bluetooth headsets and speakers, so you can control your music with ease: play, pause and skip track is just a tap away.
  • Smart home, simplified: Control your smart appliances with just a whispered command or a quick gesture.
  • Speak with clarity: Use ORII at close proximity to boost your audio in loud places. You can also pick up your voice accurately even at low volume.
  • Private listening: No more awkward speaker-phone moments with your voice assistant. Just touch your ear and hear your assistant speak back to you discreetly.
Andrea Ponti

1.2l x 0.86w x 0.58"d

Anodized Aluminum and Plastic

Year of Design