Brionvega ts217 WeariT Wireless Speaker


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Based on Brionvega ts217, 60s icon with his lively soul despite the size, ts217 WEARiT is a modern review: Bluetooth speaker portable! Powered by British designer Michael Young, ts217 WEARiT will never leave you alone. On the street, scooter, motorcycle, bike: thanks to the comfortable and elegant bag-housing attached, music and design turn back with a leading rule, for a listening experience original and surprising.

With dual high quality speakers and the passive radiator for bass, the definition of sound will be excellent in every situation, making your tablet, smartphone or MP3 player an inseparable traveling partner. Numerous are also the functions that make the ts217 WEARiT an avant-garde product.. Impossibile to forget, in fact, the Hands free microphone function to answer calls in speakerphone, powerbank function to recharge your smartphone in comfort.

  • Dual high quality speakers 2 x 3.3 W
  • Passive radiator for bass
  • Micro usb recharge
  • Rechargeable Battery 2600mAh, up to 24 hours in duration (in function of the volume and audio contents)
  • Rechearge timing: about 3 hours
  • Power Bank function to charge the smartphone
  • Usb port to refill other devices
  • Aux-in input for all devices
  • Possibility of wireless connection with a second WearIT for stereo sound
  • Built-in Mic
  • Bag and strap attached
  • Micro USB cable included
Michael Young

w. 12.5 x d. 3.5 x h 7.2 cm