iskn Repaper Drawing Slate


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Amateur and professional artists who enjoy the creative freedom of drawing their digital works on paper will love the iskn Repaper Drawing Slate. The latest generation of the popular iskn drawing tablet, its newly recalibrated format has pressure sensitivity, allowing it to transfer faithful digital copies of your pencil and paper drawings to all your devices when you draw either directly on its digital surface or on paper with any instrument fitted with the iskn magnetic ring.

As you draw, your creations transfer digitally—and instantly—to your device, in any color and brush you select using the Imagink companion app on your iOS, Android, Mac or PC device. Enter Screenless Mode to disconnect the iskn Repaper Drawing Slate from your computer or device and use it anywhere. Your drawings will be stored on the iskn’s SD card and uploaded to the Imagink app when you plug back in, enabling adjustment with your desktop drawing software and export via digital image formats. 7.8h x 10.95w”.

Why We Chose This

The iskn is a result of intense research, including studies of magnetism from the Commissioner of Atomic Energy and a development process that led to 22 patents. This digital drawing tablet enables you to digitize your ideas faithfully and with exquisite nuance as well as digitally manipulate your final results to create different effects. The goal is to employ technology to foster creativity and break down the barrier between when inspiration strikes and the ability to share the results.

7.8h x 11w x 0.35"d